Why are you a #ScienceMama?

We wanted to know why it’s so worth being a #ScienceMama. So, we asked the #ScienceMamas on twitter! Let us know why YOU are a #ScienceMama and we will add your thoughts to the blog!

One thought on “Why are you a #ScienceMama?

  1. Paula Littlejohn says:

    Science + 5 kids = “Sciencemama” ? I think the “why” has to do with how you identify your primary role. For me, “science” is what I do, but it’s also a part of who I am. Just like one of my roles in my home is a mother, but to my kids it’s who I am to them. I’m very much looking forward to this dialogue and building a strong support for mamas. Yes Dad’s are important too, ( I could not do this without the support and encouragement of my hubby), but I think as we continue this conversation we will see where our challenges are the same and where there are very different and why this platform is needed.

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