About Science Mamas

Scientific research can be tough. Science is definitely rewarding.

Having a family can be tough. Having a family is definitely rewarding.

You can do both!

At Science Mamas, through a series of podcast interviews and blogs, I (any/all Science Mamas that wish to contribute!) will share tales and tips from around the world on how to make the combination of a career in scientific research and having a family a success.

I’m just getting started on this project, so please bear with me whilst I find my feet!

A little about me

Julie Gould sciencemamasI’m Julie Gould, a freelance science journalist with a passion for helping early career science researchers find their feet, wherever they might take them. I’ve got a background in physics and science communication, and I’ve worked with outlets like Nature and the BBC to communicate science and scientific career stories. I’m a wife, a mama of two, and want to help inspire others to follow their passions and combine them in ways that make them happy.