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Bethany Kolbaba Kartchner is a mother of 6 and is working towards her PhD in biochemistry at Arizona State University. Bethany came to science later in life, after first having a rich career in the humanities and raising her family. You can listen to Bethany’s ScienceMama story on the podcast! Since 2022 Bethany is the one who is writing all the articles that go alongside each episode on the podcast.

Paula Littlejohn, a former Clinical Research Associate in the pharmaceutical industry, is currently pursuing a PhD in microbiology and immunology at the Finlay lab of the University of British Columbia in Canada. She’s a wife and mama of five (!) with a passion for encouraging and motivating others to pursue life without limits. As a mom and student, the phrase “bench to bedside” has taken on a new meaning as she learns to navigate the balance between science and family. While the role and opportunities for women in science have improved drastically, they still face particular challenges different from their male counterparts. Paula’s hope is that Science Mamas will be a place of inspiration, support and encouragement for parents, particularly mamas trying to make it in science.