#ScienceMamasAtWork: Julie Gould

This #Sciencemama are made to feel very welcome at the 2018 ORPHEUS meeting at the University of Iceland, Reykjavik.

Here I am, with Tiny Human, interviewing Bob Harris from the Karolinska Institutet, Sweden, whilst at ORPHEUS 2018 [Image credit Joeri Wielandts, KU Leuven]

Having a baby is awesome! But working with a tiny one can be difficult, especially if you need to travel.

But in this day-and-age, it shouldn’t be an issue. As Rebecca Johnson says in the May 2018 #ScienceMamas podcast:

“She’s a baby… you see babies all the time. Like, what’s the drama? She’s not screaming in the room. She’s not disrupting the panel… The fact that the baby’s sitting here, breathing oxygen and not being in anyway disruptive, who cares?”

So, it was to my great delight that the team at the 2018 ORPHEUS conference were very supportive. When I told them about my pregnancy, and that I could only come if the baby, and some help(!), could come too. They didn’t hesitate: they said they would be able to pay for another adult to come to the meeting to help take care of baby. They also arranged for us to stay in an apartment on campus at the University of Iceland, rather than in a hotel in the city, to make our lives easier when we were there.

So thank you ORPHEUS!

Another #ScienceMama that went to a conference is Rebecca Johnson, who shared her story on the #ScienceMamas podcast